Who we are

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It all began in 1974 with one pub…

The Mount Macedon Hotel was the first pub Bruce Mathieson Snr purchased, 50 years ago. A pub with good bones, serving the local community. We've grown (just a little bit) since then, and we’ve seen many changes and trends come and go, from the six o'clock swill era to the age of digitisation. But throughout it all, the one constant we’ve seen across the last five decades remains the important role our pubs place within their communities.

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...to a patchwork of over 350 pubs.

Our patchwork recognises the uniqueness and individuality of each of our pubs. No two are the same, with each standing alone in their personality and history. As custodians of these pubs, we champion the individuality of each one across the country. No matter if it opened its doors last week or last century, the character of each pub is different, in that it is built by the characters of the community around it.

What we do

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Creating pub experiences locals love

We're united by our passion for hospitality and creating moments and memories for our guests, every day. We're atmosphere creators, five senses influencers and we bring together the energy of the pub. There's an indescribable energy you feel when you're in a pub. It’s the people, the voices, the food, the entertainment, the space, and so much more that creates this intangible magic.

How we do it

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Make it your local

A local is where the character of the community can be felt and its where the characters of the community can be heard. A great local is made up of the people; the team, the regulars, the irregulars. We empower teams to create something special, to create a casual, welcoming and relatable space, to make it their local.

Who we do it for

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Our locals

The pub is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s a cornerstone of culture, steeped in its own personal charm and character. And it's home to the characters that make up your community. Our locals are the lifeblood of our pubs, it’s where they go to socialise. To celebrate. To experience. Where no two visits are ever the same.

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Our People

We value our people, so we introduce regular initiatives to celebrate and support our team on the ground.

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Our Culture

We’re committed to fostering an environment where everyone can show up to work as their true selves.

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Our Community

Our teams are what make us, us. We’re dedicated to supporting our community and arming them with the knowledge and opportunities to be the best they can be.

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