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Before Dan Murphy's, there was Daniel Francis Murphy. Founder of Australia's largest liquor retailer and earliest wine club. His story is one of a life dedicated to wine. Dan Murphy opened his first store at 282 Chapel Street, Prahran, Melbourne in 1952, and changed the future of liquor retailing in Australia forever.

Today, Dan Murphy’s trailblazing spirit drives everything we do – from the layout of our 270 stores to the expert advice and service of our team members. His legacy lives on to offer Australians the most extensive range at the lowest prices.

About Dan Murphy's

We are one of the most recognisable and loved brands in Australia and it is our mission to bring discovery and accessibility to the world of liquor. Dan Murphy’s helps to unearth and curate the very best drinks for our customers, driving curiosity and expanding palates, all whilst making it easy and more affordable. No matter the store, you'll always be met by our passionate and in-the-know team, who are ready to share a good drop and a great story. ‍We guarantee the lowest price and the best value for our customers.

From a global leading membership program, My Dan’s to our rapidly growing eCommerce business to new offerings like editorial publishing and our Dan Picked subscription service, we continue to focus on creating leading experiences for our customers.

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Teams at Dan Murphy's

The team at Dan's is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. We are passionate about providing the best service and advice to our customers to help them discover the world of drinking experiences. Our team enjoys real benefits and development opportunities to create the career they want. We value feedback and care for our team, prioritising safety, inclusivity, and rewarding work.

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Working at Dan Murphy's

Working at Dan's is an adventure. Our network offers opportunities to realise your dreams. With over 270 stores and 6500+ team members we’re on a mission to share our passion for a good drop and great times.

We welcome people in. That includes you. If you’re someone with a passion for drinks and a thirst for knowledge, there’s always something ahead for you here.

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Careers at Dan Murphy's

Dan Murphy’s team members are encouraged and empowered to explore customised learning, career pathways, and collaborative opportunities, while working with external partners to boost skills across our business. There’s no limit to the possibilities, so dream big, have a crack, and let’s create something big together.Read more

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Sustainability at Dan Murphy's

Dan's is committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050. We recognise the role we play in reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. Doing our part to combat climate change is critical to the future of the planet and we have made sustainability an ongoing strategic priority. Reducing energy consumption and transitioning towards more renewable energy across our fleet of stores underpins Dan's efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

We have a strong focus on energy efficiency, particularly through the installation of solar panels, LED lighting, electronic shelf labels, electric vehicle stations and various recycling programs. We are also looking to further increase the sustainability and circularity of our products.


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Communities at Dan Murphy's

Our team members are great contributors to the communities in which they live and work. So too are our customers who give generously throughout the year to the various fundraising campaigns we run, raising money for our community partner, GIVIT. Dan’s has been working with GIVIT since 2021 and has raised more than $2 million dollars through customer and team events.

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