Learning and Development

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Training You To Be Your Best

At BWS, we take learning seriously. Our Capability Team offers a broad range of learning opportunities that allow our Team Members to grow their careers within BWS and Endeavour. With Endeavour's learning calendar, our Team Members can tailor their development experience with on-demand learning and curated development sessions, all at their fingertips.

Our leadership framework focuses on the holistic development of our leaders, including fostering relationships, caring for our Team's wellbeing, creating a sense of belonging, and celebrating diverse thinking and perspectives. With access to playbooks, Udemy, and a career toolkit, our Team Members have everything they need to craft their future career story. For those who are passionate about developing their product knowledge, we have a range of on-demand learning modules available through Small Batch Learning. Small Batch lets Team Members learn at their own pace and explore areas of interest.

What sets us apart is our exclusive, and award-winning BWS Experience training, where our Team Members dive deep into our experience principles and learn how to become an unboring bottleshop. At BWS, learning never stops, and we are committed to creating a more sociable future together.

Career Pathways

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In-Store Team Members

Our in-Store Team Members at BWS can dream big and take advantage of a variety of career pathways. An In-store Team Member role is just the beginning. For those passionate about retail, leadership, and customer experience, our Pathways Program provides development opportunities to become Store Managers, which can lead to other roles in our Operations Team, Store Support Team or other brands, like Dan Murphy’s.

We have a lot of students working with us who can explore roles in our support team that align with their area of study. With a range of options available, BWS offers a great foundation to begin and advance your career.

Mobility across Endeavour Group brands

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A world of endless possibility

When you join BWS, you join Endeavour Group. At Endeavour Group, we offer endless career pathways for our Team Members. With opportunities to explore different brands based on skills, experience, and interests, the possibilities are limitless.

From vineyards to stores and support roles, we encourage movement and growth within the company. Whether you're a casual Team Member, Store Manager, or Store Support Team Member, joining Endeavour Group means there's always something new and exciting to explore.

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