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Before Dan Murphy's, there was Daniel Francis Murphy

Dan Murphy opened his first store at 282 Chapel Street, Prahran, Melbourne in 1952, and changed the future of liquor retailing in Australia forever. He was a visionary and a man hell-bent on unearthing and curating new drinks and weaving them into people’s lives. A man who educated Australians about the world of wine and alcohol to elevate their palates. In short, Dan spent his life helping us all to drink better. And now as we look to the future, we’ll continue Dan’s work by bringing discovery and accessibility to the world of drinks.

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Dan Murphy’s continues to be at the forefront of the liquor industry

Daniel Francis Murphy's trailblazing spirit lives on and drives everything we do – from the innovative layout of our 270 stores to the expert advice of the team to exploring and curating the best drinks from around Australia and the world. As an expert and leader in everything we do, we actively shape and connect our community. 

What we do

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Dan Murphy’s is here to help Australians to DRINK BETTER

...and DRINK BETTER means being at the forefront of liquor, helping to find it, speak for it and push it into new places. It’s unearthing the best drinks and weaving them into our lives. It means more options and expanding palates all while making it easy and more affordable. As Daniel Francis Murphy famously said "Everyone deserves a good drop, without breaking the bank".

How we do it

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Range, service and value

Nobody beats Dan Murphy’s when it comes to range, service and value. Our relentless passion for having the largest range, leading service and lowest liquor price guarantee means customers don't have to compromise. Our range is ever evolving and curated to provide exciting and new options, encouraging our customers to discover something different. We share our knowledge, expertise and passion to demystify the industry and category, opening up the world of drinks. All whilst making it a more affordable and easier experience.

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