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Our Team Members

The heart and soul of our pubs, our team members are specialists in creating experiences that locals love. The face of their local, they are the first thing guests experience as they walk through the door. Working in pubs across the country, from bustling cities to remote regional towns, our team members put in the work every day to ensure that guests have an exceptional experience.

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Our Venue Leaders

The custodians of our pubs, our managers are so much more than just managers. Our Venue Managers are supported by Assistant Managers and leaders within our Food and Beverage, Gaming and Accommodation services. They lead and develop teams from the front, while ensuring guests have a memorable experience every time they visit. They keep our pubs running smoothly, and set the standard for the business. Our venue leaders are committed to maintaining the unique character and history of each venue. Understanding the important role their pub plays within the community.

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Our Chefs & Kitchen Team

The backbones of the local, our kitchen teams are responsible for creating high-quality meals that celebrate moments of our guests' lives from the everyday to the milestones. A quick lunch or a special occasion dinner with family, our chefs are specialists in providing memorable dining experiences. Our chefs lead their kitchen teams, from menu planning and development, to staying up to date in what’s trending in pub food and hospitality. Our Apprentice Chef Program is designed to help aspiring chefs develop their skills and advance their careers within the company, through this program, they receive hands-on training and gain valuable experience in a kitchen environment. In addition, we believe in ongoing development opportunities, so we offer development days to help our team stay up to date with the latest cooking techniques.

Our support team

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Support Office

Our support office teams are instrumental in supporting our pubs across the country, and bringing them to life. Dedicated to ensuring our venues are successful, financially viable and are able to provide the best experience possible for our guests. Our support office teams are based in every State across the country, working across operations, people, merchandise, marketing, loyalty, e-commerce, technology, finance and a wide-range of specialised corporate and commercial roles. Our support teams work closely with venue teams to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our guests as a business.

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